The height an institution can attain is directly proportional to the caliber of instructors they have in their employ. We are aware of this, and that’s why investing in instructors with world class exposure and experience is especially key for us.

Has this placed a huge financial investment on us? You can be sure it has. Looking at the portfolio of how instructors, we have been asked severally how we are able to pull this through, and still have a thriving business, but we are always quick to respond: when you get the basis right, every other thing will fall into order.

We don’t just brag that our students are the best you can find. Our basis is simple: they are handled by the best there is, and the best will always replicate same. We are deliberate about our instructors; have been and always will be.

Instructors that buy into our vision of replicating themselves in students are the ones that catch our fancy. So you can rest, assured that every single instructor in our academy are not just doing their best, but are giving their all.

Meet our instructors

Alimah Bajang

Alimah Bajang is a black belt practitioner in Shokotan Karate with over 20 years of experience. He instructs on martial arts in our center when he is on duty, but runs his own karate and Tae Kwon-Do program, which attracts over 200 members from all walks of life.

Before he set out on opening his own Dojo centre, he was actively involved in various training centres where he taught students for over twelve years. Through these consistent outreaches and the passion he has in seeing students impacted with the knowledge he has, he has been able to reach out to thousands of students, many of whom now have black belts themselves.

Aside from teaching, he has participated in countless karate tournaments and championships himself, for which he has attained a notable reputation in the world of martial arts.

Jetsu Ping

Jetsu Ping has been training in Shotokan Karate for well over 30 years, so you can be sure that he knows the in and out of karate. He bags a senior grade and is a class instructor who graduated from the training program of Iskf. Jetsu Ping has been an international competitor representing his country in not a few international karate competition, and for which he is well decorated.

He is presently a full time instructor. Before settling to full time coaching, Yusuf has been in charge of not a few instructor centres where he was privileged to coach students to very high rank and to victory in several competition; so he boasts of having trained students that have become renowned instructors themselves with national and international recognitions.

Jolie Jacks

Jolie Jacks began her karate journey in 1990 when she was barely 6 years old. She got her hands on her first Dan Black belt exactly 10 years later at the age of 16. She has become a force, and has since since aggressively climbed through the ranks gaining her 3rd Dan (JKA) in 2003 and her 4th Dan (JKA) in 2017.

Teaching has always been her passion and transferring knowledge something she looks forward to, as she believes that if you are giving, then you are dying. That prompted her to start assisting in teaching kids even before she gained her 1st Dan. She eventually started teaching adults and teens.

She has participated in several competitions both locally, regionally, and internationally besides being an instructor. And she has bagged regional and national championships.