There are about 75 karate styles available out there, and we have respect for each of them. However, we believe that being able to streamline our niche to particular areas will make us better meet the demands of our students. So over the years, we have particularly limited ourselves to the four most prominent ones, and we will be shedding light on what they particularly require.

We train our students on the Shotokan karate. It is a karate style that centres on powerful strikes, long stances, and sparring techniques that are created to quickly end a fight. This style will keep you ahead of your opponent; such that if you plan to hit your opponent, they won’t realize it until you have completed the act. Also, it will train you on how to think ahead of your opponent; almost like predict their every move.

The Shito-ryu is another style we train our students on. Its history dates back to 1931, but it wasn’t named Shito-ryu then. The founder of the style Kenwa Mabuni had encountered two martial arts techniques from legendary teachers Kanryo Higonna and Itosu Anko. And so he felt that since both techniques followed a hard-soft format, it was okay to combine them. He eventually did, and that combination formed the Shito-ryu style.

The Wado-ryu style is another style we so passionately train our students on. It is a very unique style in that it combines Okinawan karate striking techniques with the jujitsu movement. Th style primarily focuses on evasion through body shifting. So in this style you can expect to have shorter punches and higher stances than are found in Shokotan. It was founded by Otsuka Hidenori in 1920.

Finally, we have the Goju-ryu karate technique. The term in itself refers to hand soft style, and that is the technique it employs. The closed hand linear motion and circular motions which resembles the Yin and Yang philosophy are two techniques that it employs.

How this karate style came about isn’t quite clear, but it is believed that one Kanryo Higashionna; a Japanese martial arts master formulated it. And we are glad he did.

All these are styles that our students master before they leave our academy. They are all very interesting styles and the more you get acquainted with them via regular trainings the better you become.

If you are concerned about learning karate or any of the styles afore mentioned, then we urge you to reach out to us, and we will be glad to enlighten you on how to be a part of our trainings.