Tourism and Travels are part of our curriculum for students because we have come to realize that aside mastering the art of karate, if the needed exposure isn’t given to the students, they can be very vast in the art, but lose championships due to lack of confidence.

We believe that traveling and tourism is one way to build confidence in our students. So instead of streamlining them to their training rooms or compelling them to compete with other katareka in their comfort zone, we take them out of it.

Usually, championships often involve home and away competitions, so we prepare our students ahead by enrolling them in championships, festivals, and competitions that are away from home. Even though these come at more costs to our academy with loads of risks, we embrace it all.

We are driven by a need to make any student who comes out of our academy world class oriented. We are prideful when we see praise reports of how much students that passed out of our schools are doing. This is where the inspiration with which we do what we do often emanates from.

These travels are often one our students look forward to, as they get to bond with other karateka; especially for those students who plan on taking our trainings further as a career. They start building relationships with other karatekas from these tourisms and travels.

There are been reports of partnerships between students as a result of these travels, and we are especially glad that we initiated it.

For us, this is what life should be about; building relationships that matter, and would stand the test of time while growing your career. These opportunities we create for our students aren’t conventionally, and that is why we are the go-to resource when it comes to your karate trainings—any day!

It isn’t just business as usual for us; it is a vision. And like every vision, we are committed to seeing that it delivers.